What is Permanent

Also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup, and cosmetic tattooing, the procedure consist of depositing pigment into the dermis in order to enhance features. This procedure is commonly used to enhance lip color and shape, eyebrow shape, color, and thickness, and give eyelashes a full look. Though permanent make-up has been around many years it has recently become popular due to the more Natural look that can be achieved.

Would I benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Ask Yourself:
Do you re-apply your make-up throughout the day?
Do you deal with eyeliner smearing?
Are your eyebrows thinning?
Are you seeing your lipstick spread into those fine lines?
Do you have problems seeing to apply your make-up?
Have your hands become unsteady?
Is your lifestyle active or busy? (limited time)
Do you spend a lot of time outdoors, in the water, boating, etc?

If you answered YES to any of these then you would benefit from Permanent Cosmetics.

Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614907902-300x225 Permanent Make Up

My eyebrows were almost nonexistent after going through chemo. I hated drawing them in but I was terrified to try microblading. I absolutely love them! I was really nervous about the outcome, but I couldn’t be happier. I wanted a natural look and Katy did an amazing job!!! She was meticulous with measuring and making sure the color and shape were exactly what I wanted. They turned out absolutely perfect! I cannot thank her enough for doing such a wonderful job! Highly recommended!!!


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Katy is an amazing artist! At 58 I was tired of having no eyebrows or lips and decided to remedy that. I had long conversations with Katy, told her my concerns and what I wanted. Her suggestions were knowledgeable, and exactly what I wanted. So I booked my appointments. I had her give me brows, lash enhancements, and lips in my natural colors, dark ash blonde and pale mauve. Her technique is beautiful, her hands light, and I love what she’s done for me so much. And I haven’t even had my touchups yet!!


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614908866-297x300 Permanent Make Up

Katy is not only knowledgeable, but also very personable and caring. She took a great deal of time to explain the procedure and answer all of my many questions. Her shop is quite beautiful and extremely clean as well as welcoming. I’d highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her soon, because she’s going to be very busy in the near future!


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614909101-300x200 Permanent Make Up

Modern Faces was great! Katy did an amazing job on my eyebrows, I honestly couldn’t be any happier. I have very blond eyebrows so having them done permanently really saves time because I’ve always had to color them in to have them show. I took my normal eyebrow pencil in to try to match the color and Katy was so patient and mixed colors until we found one that matched. Katy took her time measuring and getting the shape right.


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614909433-225x300 Permanent Make Up

My experience at Modern faces was wonderful! The atmosphere is beautiful, clean and welcoming. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little nervous at first but Katy’s knowledge made me feel like I was in great hands! Looking forward to my fill! I love my brows and how I look put together without any effort! I highly recommend Modern Faces! Katy is absolutely amazing!


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614946649-1-285x300 Permanent Make Up

I have a wonderful experience with Katy! Her place looks amazing! Very clean and elegant! She is a Professional Esthetician and she loves what she’s doing 🙂 it was my first time but i will be definitely coming back! Plus the customer service and the girls are very friendly and caring! Can’t wait till I get my facials done at her place! She has the best specialists working with her! I love my eyebrows! Thank you!


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614946978-1-208x300 Permanent Make Up

“Thank you, Katy, for my amazing permanent eyebrows & eyeliner. She worked magic to “correct” previous work I had done in early March. Katy’s attention to detail is unmatched. If you’ve been thinking about it, you no longer need to hesitate. These pictures were taken immediately after the appointment..”


Modern Faces LLC Attachment_1614948126-1-225x300 Permanent Make Up

“This was an awesome experience. Katy is so knowledgeable. She explained everything about all of her services & answered all my questions. She had pictures of clients before & after. I am so happy with my eyebrows & eyelashes & I am definitely going back for more of her services. She is truly an artist.”


What to Expect

Initial consultation: We will discuss the procedure you have chosen, medical form and releases are filled out, book time & date, answer any questions or concerns. (This can be done via phone or in person) To save time at your appointment it is recommended you print out the Intake Forms and have them filled out prior to your appointment.
Day of Procedure: You will need to block out a 2-3 hour window. Come into the studio with no makeup on. Bring a picture of your-self with your make up on and possibly a photo of your favorite brow. We will map your brows, lips, or eyeliner then draw them in for you to approve. Once approved we apply the numbing cream, then we begin the procedure. Once we are completed we will discuss your post care and you will be given post care instructions with ointment to be applied at home.
Follow Up Appointment: This will occur 4-6 weeks after your procedure. At this time we will determine if you need a touch up and if so, will touch them up at this time.

Modern Faces LLC 18B62E21-B01A-45BC-AA67-D3B4331A-1024x768 Permanent Make Up


A $45 Value

Includes: Reusable Travel Makeup Bag, Reusable Eyebrow Razor, Membrane EyeAid, Permablend PermaCare, Reusable Gel Pac, Micro swabs, Q-tips, Eyebrow/lash brush, Witch Hazel Wipes

Pricing & Policies


GENTLER TOUCH CLASSIC EYELINER-A thin and clean liner visible on the lid. This look will show up and be more obvious than our Lash Enhancement Eyeliner.
$450 (Upper & Lower)
$350 (Upper Only)


GENTLER TOUCH SMOKEY EYELINER-Can be done as a thick or thin liner, softly shaded, and buffed on the lid.
$450 (Upper & Lower)
$350 (Upper Only)


GENTLER TOUCH WEDGE/WING EYELINER -Can be done as a thick or thin liner, gradually becoming thicker at the outer lid.
$450 (Upper & Lower)
$350 (Upper Only)


GENTLER TOUCH LASH LINER ENHANCEMENT-Darkens & thickens your eyelash line. Not meant to be visible on the lid when your eyes are closed.
$350 (Upper & Lower)
$250 (Upper & Lower Only)


GENTLER TOUCH INVISY POWDER BROW-An ideal brow for clients who prefer a very soft sheer eyebrow.


GENTLER TOUCH POWDER BROW-This brow is best for clients that want a stronger bold powder eyebrow.


GENTLER TOUCH DIGITAL MICROBLADING COMBO BROW-This brow is perfect for those who want a little more substance to their brows. We combine some microblading with a soft touch brow finish.


KISS OF COLOR LIPS-Lip Blush – is a gorgeous lip treatment where the results are translucent. It’s meant to add a pop of color to the lips while keeping with your natural lip shape. This style will make you feel like you have just the right amount of color throughout your day, while still being light enough to apply another color over it should you choose.



All services require a follow-up appointment. During the follow-up appointment if any adjustments are needed there will be a $50 charge for set up.

Due to needing a 3 hour blocked time, all Permanent Make-up appointments require a $50 Booking Fee to secure an appointment. We apply the $50 booking fee towards the service chosen. Please make any changes to your scheduled appointment 48 hours prior to appointment to avoid forfeiture of booking fee.

We have 48 hours cancellation policy.
Clients who cancel last minute or arrive over 15 minutes late may result in a booking fee forfeiture and cancellation of your appointment. You may also be required to re-book and pay a new booking fee. .

Please note that results are not guaranteed. Everyone heals and retains pigment differently and additional follow-ups may be required at an additional cost.