Styles of Permanent Eyebrows

It can be slightly overwhelming when you have decided to venture out into the permanent makeup world of “Eyebrows”. There are so many terms for different styles and many of them are the same.

Some examples of terms; Shaded Eyebrows, Ombre Eyebrows, Stardust Eyebrows, Hair Stroke Eyebrows, Powdered Eyebrows, and Feathered Eyebrows to name a few.

First you need to know what you are wanting to achieve with your eyebrows. I feel its always best to look at how you currently do your eyebrows and take a picture of them. Next I would find a photo of your favorite eyebrows. Whether it’s someone you know or a picture you have seen. If the way you do your eyebrows are different than the photo of your dream eyebrows I would try to achieve that look either on your own or have someone help to draw them in. Live with the look for a week or so. So often clients want something new, fashionable, or trendy only to discover they don’t truly like the look on themselves. I have found that older clients typically are not happy with a drastic change, whereas the younger generation love the trends. But with that said you need to be careful because trends change and even though pigment fades it never leaves entirely.

So now you need to know what each of the names actually are and visually see them.

Hair Strokes-These are very fine lines that are created to give you a natural hair look. These are to be very fine thin lines the feather off at the end. Hair Strokes should NEVER be strong, bold lines that start and end abruptly. These work well for someone with little to no hair.

Shading-Shading is filling in the entire mapped eyebrow area to give you a filled in pencil look. There are several shading techniques which we will discuss below. Typically the tail will always be a little darker. Excellent choice for someone who has hairs but wants that finished look and does not want to have to shape and pencil them daily.

Feathering-This is a combination eyebrow consisting of Shading and Hair Strokes leaving you with a natural look that has added penciling. As if you did your eyebrows normally.

Ombre-This is where the brow will go from dark to light starting at the tail. The bottom of the brow is typically shaded dark and gradually gets lighter towards the top of the brow. This is a very trendy brow.

Stardust or Powdered-This is similar to the shaded brow however this technique tends to be lighter across the entire brow. This would be for someone that wants the brow filled in but very lightly. 

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